Flippaball/Juniors Details & Registration

MWPC Community Water Polo

FlippaBall and District Junior Competition

The Club holds two internal community participation competitions for children in years 2 to 11.

Friday FlippaBall is a non-competitive, social competition aimed at players new to water polo or with one or two years of previous experience.

Saturday District Junior Competition is an intra-club competition aimed at players with one or two years of FlippaBall experience (experience is not compulsory!) played in a more competitive environment to progress water polo skills and knowledge.

Details regarding the two different programs are listed below.

Season 2024/25 Friday FlippaBall Competition

Friday FlippaBall is a non-competitive, community-based water polo competition with modified rules aimed at introducing children to the aquatic sport of water polo.

Friday night Flippa teams have a maximum of 12 players per team (10-11 ideal in the older years). Friday night Flippa Rules can be found Here

Season 2024/25

Season consists of 15-16 rounds (bye rounds included).
Term 4 2024: approx. 9 Rounds TBC
Term 1 2025: approx. 7 Rounds TBC
There may be some ‘BYE ROUNDS’ in Term 1 due Australian Water Polo League (AWL). Managers and parents will be contacted with fixtures for each half of the season.


Year 2: DOB 1 July 2016- 30 June 2017
Year 3: DOB 1 July 2015- 30 June 2016
Year 4: DOB 1 July 2014- 30 June 2015
Year 5: DOB 1 July 2013- 30 June 2014
Year 6: DOB 1 July 2012- 30 June 2013

******Any child who is booked into the incorrect year group based on birth date will have their registrations cancelled*****

Please register for the year that your child is in for Term 4 2024 (not grade going into for Term 1 2025).

Note: 2012 born players MUST be in Year 6 at school to play on Friday nights.

WA Department of Education Vac Swim Level 7 swimming proficiency is recommended (can swim minimum 20 metres freestyle and do breaststroke kick comfortably). The Club has a strict policy regarding proficiency in the younger year groups.

Game Times
Games are held between 5:45 PM and 8:15 PM with the youngest group starting first.

There are usually five session times and are subject to change based on other Club requirements. Note some game times may be earlier on some weeks in Term 1 due to AWL game requirements.


PoloSwim TM

Players are encouraged to register for PoloSwimTM to complement and enhance the FlippaBall experience.

WAWPI Junior Metro League Players

WAWPI Junior Metro League Players are not permitted to play Friday FlippaBall unless approved by MWPC Junior Coordinator.

Season 2024/25 Saturday District Junior Competition

Saturday District Juniors is an intra-club competition aimed at players with one or two years of FlippaBall experience (experience is not compulsory but swimming ability is important).

Teams have a maximum of 10 players and 8 players in years 10 and above. Teams play a round robin competition with one round of finals. District Juniors Rules can be found Here

Players wishing to trial and play at an inter-Club level in the WAWPI State Junior Competition should contact the Club junior Coordinator on juniors@melvillewaterpolo.com.au


Season 2024/25

Season consists of approximately 16 rounds (bye rounds included and vary for each age group depending on the number of teams registered).

Term 4 2024: approx. 9 rounds TBC
Term 1 2025: approx. 7 rounds TBC


Year 5: DOB 1 July 2013- 30 June 2014
Year 6: DOB 1 July 2012- 30 June 2013
Year 7: DOB July 2011- June 2012
Year 8: DOB July 2010- June 2011
Year 9: DOB July 2009- June 2010
Year 10/11: DOB July 2008- June 2009 (Students in Year 12 in 2024 are excluded from the competition and are encouraged to join the club as a senior player)

Level 9 swimming proficiency is the minimum recommended (can swim 50 metres freestyle comfortably and eggbeater.)

Please register for the year that your child is in for Term 4 2024 (not Term 1 2025)


Game Times

Change depending on other club requirements. Each game is 40 minutes (7-minute running quarters).

There are 7 session times: between 8:00 AM and 12:40 PM with the youngest group starting first. Fixtures will be available online at the beginning of Term 4.

WAWPI Junior Metro League Players

Any child who has been selected to play in the WA Water Polo Metro League U14 and U16 A Division team should notify the MWPC Junior Coordinator of their intentions to participate to confirm eligible / assist with team placement. Athletes in the 12U division are expected to participate in Saturday District Juniors as part of the game development.

Want to represent MWPC in the Junior State League? Please complete an Expression of Interest form found on the MWPC Junior page Here


Please review the Terms & Conditions

New Players Expression of Interest Season 2024-25 Years 4-11

NEW PLAYERS wishing to join the program in years 4-11 should complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form for the upcoming season.

The Club gives priority to returning players from the previous season to secure their place in the program. Once this stage has been completed, places are identified in each age group and new players invited from the EOI list for years 4-11.

Please note a couple of age groups can sometimes be fully subscribed in each season so only a few places become available. If you have any queries email flippaball@melvillewaterpolo.com.au

Please note, by filling in the EOI form this is not a confirmation of a place in the program but provides a communication mechanism to invite players when places are available. Expression of Interest Form – NEW PLAYERS ONLY – YR 4-11

Year 2 & 3 Returning and New Player Registration Season 2024-25

YEAR 2 & 3 RETURNING & NEW PLAYER registration will open on the Club Website on Thursday 18 July 2024. The Club encourages all returning players to log in and complete their registration as soon as possible. Please note that there are limited places in year 2 and 3.

Please ensure that you book your child into the correct year. If your child is in year 2 in 2024, they should be booked into Year 2 FlippaBall. If your child is in year 3 in 2024, they should be booked into Year 3 FlippaBall.

Children are not allowed to play up or down a year group. Any queries please email flippaball@melvillewaterpolo.com.au

Year 2 & 3 (School Year 2024) Registrations (Existing Members)

Click Here 

Year 2 & 3 (School Year 2024) Registrations (*NEW* Members)

Click Here


Important Registration information for years 2 and 3.

Please ensure that a guardian / and or parent is set up as the Responsible person in Active Carrot. Once the Responsible Person has created their account, go to classes/browse classes, and click on the appropriate class for Flippa ball and add a NEW STUDENT to the class. Siblings in the one family should be set up as students under the one Responsible Person to obtain the sibling discount.

If you have an existing Active Carrot account, please utilize the account already created. This avoids duplication of accounts in our system.

Please ensure that all information provided is correct, including contact details and the children’s dates of birth.

Active Carrot instructions can be found on the Club Website HERE 

If you still are having issues after reviewing these instructions, please contact flippaball@melvillewaterpolo.com.au If you have forgotten your username or password, please click on “forgotten username / password.”

YEAR 2 & 3 NEW PLAYERS: Once you have paid for your child’s registration via our online booking system (Active Carrot), your child’s name will be placed on the appropriate year group list, and you will be contacted as to team nominations in August 2024.

Please do not contact the club individually requesting team nominations. There is a formal process for team nominations for new players in years 2 and 3 and new player parents will be contacted directly about this. Please check your junk mail folders and mark flippaball@ office@ and accounts@melvillewaterpolo.com.au as safe email addresses as sometimes bulk emails are filtered to spam.

YEAR 3 RETURNING PLAYERS: Children that played in year 2 in 2023-24 season and are returning to play will be placed in teams as per communications via team managers. All returning player team nomination requests should flow through your team manager. Communications to team managers were sent during the week ending 21 June 2024. If you have not heard from your prior season team manager, please contact flippaball@melvillewaterpolo.com.au.

Status of registrations upcoming season 2024-25

Update 12 July 2024

Thank you to those team managers who have forwarded returning player information to flippaball@melvillewaterpolo.com.au. The Rego team are currently collating and reviewing requests for team changes. This will take a number of weeks and can only be finalised once all team managers have responded.

Team Managers from the prior season 2023-24 have received information regarding the registration process during the week ending 21 June 2024. Information will be passed via team managers to Returning Player Parents.

Please watch this space as the Rego Team will be updating the website with information as the registration process progresses. The most up to date information will appear on the website / FlippaBall tab.

The Cutoff date for returning players to confirm to your team manager is 30th June 2024 (Returning players years 3-11). Please ensure that you identify any clashes or commitments with other team sports during the summer before confirming your child is returning.

Registrations in Active Carrot (MWPC Registration System) for returning players will open on Thursday 18th JULY 2024 and close on FRIDAY 9th AUGUST 2024. Only those that have confirmed that they are returning in season 2024-25 are to be registered at this stage. New players for years 4-11 will be done after this date and will be removed if registered prior.

If no registrations have been received by the 16 August 2024, it is assumed your child no longer wishes to play and their place will be released to players registered on the EOI form.

Registrations for NEW players (Year 2 and 3 only) open on Thursday 18s JULY 2024 and will close on FRIDAY 16 AUGUST 2024, unless places remain available.
Once all returning player registrations for years 4-11 have been finalized, new players from the EOI list HERE will be invited to register. The Club will email parents individually.

Please check your junk mail folders if you are expecting an email.

Those parents who claim KidSport Vouchers should do so BEFORE registering their child. Please forward your KidSport Voucher code to accounts@melvillewaterpolo.com.au.

A credit will be placed on your Active Carrot account and the parent registered on the account will be informed via email that they can progress with their registration.


Returning Player Registrations Season 2024-25 Years 4-11


Returning Player Registrations – Team Managers have been contacted in the week ending 21 June 2024 with the next steps on how parents can finalise their child’s registrations.

This season, registrations via active carrot will occur for each year group and information will flow via each team manager.

Please ensure that your child’s team manager has your most up to date contact details and for those children wishing to move teams, the Rego team will be in contact with each team manager regarding an import player’s requests.

Instructions for parents to secure their child’s registration including payments via Active Carrot can be found HERE 

All information regarding the process for registrations will be directly communicated by the Club to parents. The Club asks parents to refrain from “forming” teams in years 2 & 3 – a friend nomination form will be provided once the registration period has concluded on 16 August 2024. Thank you for your understanding.

Pricing for Season 2024-25

  •  $256 Child Program Fee for FlippaBall / Saturday Junior Season (Term 4 2024- Term 1 2025) includes competition costs, pool entry and a $40 non-refundable joining fee.
  • $50 for a single MWPC Family Associate Membership (for parent/guardian – payable once per family). Non-refundable once the season commences.
  • 5% discount to subsequent siblings.
  • For details regarding pricing for the current season, please refer this link
  • MWPC also accepts Kids in Sport Vouchers. Vouchers up to $500 can be claimed by an eligible parent or guardian. Please see link HERE for instructions on how to claim.
  • Team nominations and player requests will be actioned once all registrations are paid and places in the program secured.

Payments can be made directly via your active carrot account. Existing Member Active Carrot User Instructions can be found here

If you require help with using Active Carrot, please firstly review the instructions and if you require further assistance, please contact flippaball@melvillewaterpolo.com.au

PoloSkills™ School Holiday Programs

Children that have secured a place in the FlippaBall / Saturday Junior Program are encouraged to sign up for the Club’s PoloSkills School Holiday Program.

This gives our younger players an opportunity to experience their first taste of FlippaBall and is helpful for older children to practice their skills ready for the new season.

The Club’s holiday programs are open to all water polo players. If you have any questions regarding the program, please email flippaball@melvillewaterpolo.com.au


Year 2/3 FlippaBall players are encouraged to sign up to the beginner level holiday program to gain some experience before the season starts and to work on the skills learnt in the prior seasons.

The September PoloSkillsTM Holiday Camp dates will be released early August 2024. Each session will be a combination of introduction to water polo skills and gameplay.

The holiday camp is for children with a minimum Level 7 WA Department of Education swimming qualification WITH breaststroke kick. The program is NOT for learn to swim participants.


The December 2024 / January 2025 PoloSkillsTM Holiday Camp dates will be released in November 2024.

Each session will be a combination of fundamental water polo skills and gameplay. The holiday camp is recommended for children confident in the water and at a minimum WA Education department level 7 swimming WITH breaststroke kick qualification. The program is NOT for learn to swim participants.

PoloSwim™ Fundamental Skills Program

POLOSWIM™ is a specialised set of specialised swimming techniques and movements in the water associated with Water Polo.

PoloSwim compliments FlippaBall / junior water polo by teaching the foundation water (not game play) skills and movements. The program instructs in treading water, legwork strength, swimming with the ball, techniques for holding, passing, and catching the ball. This program is lane based and provides repetitive instruction for greater foundation skill acquisition and is graduated in skill and difficulty.

Please note Polo Swim™ is NOT a learn to swim program and as such the minimum entrance requirement to enrol is level 7 swimming competency (INCLUDING breaststroke kick) from the WA Education Department VacSwim program or equivalent.

PoloSwim sessions run during school Term 4 and Term 1 during the Flippaball and District Juniors Season. Sessions run on Monday / Tuesdays and on other days (depending on demand) each week.

Session Times:
Monday / Tuesday
• 3:35pm – 4:10pm ​Beginners / Intermediate
• 4:15pm – 4:55pm ​Intermediate / Advanced

Please refer to the POLOSWIM tab on the Club website for more information in late August. Note: maximum participant numbers apply in each session. Bookings can be made online through the Member Portal (Active Carrot) once classes are confirmed.

KidSport Vouchers 2024

MWPC is a registered club for KIDSPORT VOUCHERS.

Please note there are certain eligibility criteria set out by the Department of Local Government Sport and Culture. Information on how to claim when registering your child can be found HERE