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Expression Of Interest For Trials

FOR NEW JUNIOR MEMBERS ONLY (not current existing JSL Members)

This EOI is for all current FlippaBall and Conference players who are interested in trialling for MWPC Junior State League teams (JSL teams). These are our representative teams that compete in the JSL competition against the other junior WA clubs. Players who are selected in these teams will be expected to attend compulsory water polo training sessions, as well as swim with a swim squad 2-3 times per week throughout the entire summer season that runs from Sept/Oct – Mar/Apr. PLAYERS ARE EXPECTED TO COMMIT TO THE ENTIRE SEASON.

The trials will consist of a basic skills assessment, swimming and game play. Our experienced club representatives will observe and assess players at the trials and a squad will be announced. It is anticipated that training will commence towards the end of August, however, all selected players will be expected to swim in the meantime.

We expect that children trialling are able to:
-egg beater
-throw and catch
-swim with the ball
-play FlippaBall/Conference
-swim strongly
-demonstrate game play skills (space/timing/decision making/tactics…)

U12 – born 2010/11
U14 – born 2008/09
U16 – born 2006/07
U18 – born 2004/05

We would ask parents to complete this EOI by Monday 15th AUGUST as we aim to commence trials next weekend. The exact timing of the trials will depend on the number of players who register to attend.

Trials will be conducted in birth years so that players are compared directly with their peers. Each cohort will be sent their specific trial information once logistics have been finalised. This year we will commence with trials for the youngest age group and work up to the older players.

Before trialling, it is important that parents and players understand that the WPWA Junior State League is a competition rather than a participation event. Coaches work to develop both team and individual skills over the season within a competitive environment. Last season our junior teams won 6 out of the 8 WPWA JSL championships which was an outstanding result


Please read the information above first.

Register Trial Form Here

This is NOT for current JSL Players, only new (flippa/conference players)

Photo: 2017 Winner Paul Neesham presenting Alex the award for Clubman of the Year.

Photo Credit: Josh Mylne