Legacy of Success

Australia’s oldest water polo club and
the most successful in W.A.

Melville Culture

Melville is a family club. It has two distinct areas of focus – social water polo and elite water polo.

We would not and could not exist without our members supports. Many members have been actively involved with the Club for more than 20 years.

We have generations of families involved in the club. It is fairly common to see grandparents with their children and grandchildren down the pool, whether it be for training, a BBQ, or both! Our members are always invited to come to the pool for training or a swim, followed by a BBQ.

The Club really is a picturesque and beautiful place to go and relax and enjoy over summer, with spectacular views and sunsets.

Our hope is that all our members enjoy being at the pool and be part of Melville Water Polo Club.

Our Mission

Player Development – To develop and support our club members to be the best water polo players they can be.

Facilities – To have world class facilities for the benefit of our members and Western Australian water polo.

Club Culture – To have a culture at the club that is welcoming, family oriented and supportive for our members.

To be members of, abide by the rules of, and support, Australian and WA Water Polo as the governing associations.

Our Heritage

Melville Water Polo Club has an outstanding tradition of producing great players and even better people.

Our pantheon of Olympians is now 14 strong, and the club is proud to see our athletes competing with the world’s best in the most revered sporting event on the planet.

Our Fremantle Water Polo women’s team, the Fremantle Marlins, have won five national championships in 2004,2005, 2007, 2008 and 2014 – equal best in the national competition.

The Fremantle Mariners, have won seven titles in total, setting the record of ten consecutive Grand Final appearances in 2006 – they won four titles during this time.